2013 Reel

Finally, here is the video with a little bit of all the work of this year. I´ve been a long time without posting anything, and it is because for the last 4 months we have been studying programming, and all than I have had on front of my face has been a blue screen with hundreds of code lines. But now I come back to 3d max and friends.


Hope you enjoy the video!!


Some pictures of the work in progress. Programming has been the most difficult point in this project, but it is my fault, because I wanted to use as many elements as I could, such as save game spheres, difficulty modes and so. For the graphics I used my models from the first part of the master. This is the reason why Sonic is slaying Chocobos without mercy, and the final boss is a cyclops from the game Smite, who is taking overtime.

unity4 unity3 unity2 unity 1




6 thoughts on “2013 Reel

  1. Parece muy entretenido,jugabilidad y novedades,eso de la pistola y la espada molan,tambien el modo de juego,se ve bonito y adictivo,la musica acertada

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